• How can I place ads in your search results?

    Your interest in placing ads on our platform is valued. Our advertising is managed by our esteemed advertising partners, and we do not provide direct ad placements under our brand.

  • My brand name is being used in your search engine ads, how can I address this?

    If you hold intellectual property rights and believe they have been violated by our website or advertising campaigns, please reach out to us with proof of ownership. Upon receiving this, we will evaluate the situation to determine if any infringement has occurred. If an infringement is found, we will take appropriate steps to prevent any further violations.

  • I would like to request a backlink.

    Thank you for showing interest in linking with our website(s). Regrettably, we do not accommodate backlink requests.

  • How can I suggest a partnership?

    Your proposal for a partnership is greatly appreciated. At the moment, we are not looking to enter into new (advertising) partnerships.

For urgent inquiries or requests, the quickest way to get a response is through this contact form.